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By necsa, Jan 30 2016 10:43PM

Long Tail Pro is a dynamic keyword searching software. The solution enables the end-user to produce hundreds and even thousands of exclusive long tail keywords in the least amount of time possible as opposed to manually finding them through search engines and web tools that are offered by different companies. These long tail keyword results can be obtained with the use of a single or multiple root words. With the age old problem of spending limitless hours looking for low value keywords, which doesn’t seem to convert into income, Long Tail Pro was born in order to accommodate such high demands in the industry of online marketing.

With the use of this software, finding long tail keywords is a breeze with over 800 great-value keywords generated, for each seed keyword, in just a matter of minutes. Furthermore, it saves you valuable resources such as time, effort and money in searching the web on tips and tools on how to find long tail keywords just to find the product ineffective and a waste of your business resources. You can learn all about Long Tail Pro and read our detailed review of Long Tail Pro on this site. Spencer Haws; Let’s now discuss the mind behind the product. Spencer Haws is the designer and creator of this powerful software.

Furthermore, he is the publisher of the blog site Niche Pursuits, which is home to a diversity of niche concepts, recommended tools for success, and blog archives that you can utilize in order to learn about finding long tail keywords.At present, Spencer owns more than 200 niche sites mainly using Google Adsense for monetization and is primarily concentrated on creating an empire of niche sites. Spencer formed the Niche Pursuits with two main goals aside from his goal of creating this website – to diversify income and to discuss other possible concepts with interested individuals.During his younger years, Spencer grew up in sunny Arizona, however, he currently resides in Richland, Washington. Spencer is a graduate of Business Management from Brigham Young University in the year 2002.

The course he decided to graduate in was hugely inspired by his father, who began a company of his own when Spencer was 21yrs old. Spencer says that his father was a major influence on his decision to graduate in Business Management. Spencer loves the outdoors, including running and triathlon. He and his wife have 3 children.After a few years after Spencer graduated from college, he started to learn about websites and creating websites for potential profit. This early start, however, was like many others learning this game, with pretty underwhelming results! As years passed, however, Spencer finally figured how search engine optimization works and how to consistently rank his websites in search engines much faster and easier with the use of only low competition keywords.

During his first few years, Spencer admitted that his website creation ‘business’ wasn’t at all successful or even profitable. He struggled from 2005 to 2009, with little profit at all from his websites and SEO efforts. During this time Spencer worked at Wells Fargo Bank with a position as a Business Relationship Manager.

Furthermore, he finished his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in the year 2007 at Arizona State University, which Spencer calls his backup plan.Toward the latter half of 2009, Spencer began to find something to celebrate about with regards to his niche website creations. Once he had found something that work, he really went to town on it and created almost 200 websites!

Despite some setbacks along the way (including having his sites de-indexed) he managed to build a successful business from these niche sites which has consistently grown over time. He quit his ‘day job’ in early 2011 to be a full time internet marketer.Long Tail Pro was born out of Spencer’s need to find long tail keywords often and efficiently so that he could continue his niche website successes.

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